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Rick Pinelli



Nikon® Pro

Published Photographer

 ProDigital Images Photo Video

Germantown TN. USA


Rick first became interested in photography, and the media arts, early in his childhood. Using the famlies, Kodak Brownie camera, Rick learned the disciplines of photography. In the late 60's, Rick purchased his first SLR, a Nikon Nikkormat.


In 1974, Rick attended the Nikon School of Photography in Tarrytown, NY. Soon after, Rick purchased the Nikon F2 Photomic, and started to build his Nikon system. "The Nikon F2 Photomic let me be creative by giving me the functions, other SLR's did not have at the time."


Rick has always been fascinated with extremes, and that fascination has carried over in his photographs as well. "I was intrigued with shooting multiple exposures, whether it be buildings, people, or the moon." Tri-Colour and close-up photography was another area where Rick experimented, using various lighting, filters and lenses.


Rick achieved success in Video as well. Establishing himself with corporate clients including IBM and Sprint. Rick also video taped weddings and special events in and around the Tri-State area. In 1993, Rick became house photographer for Denim & Diamonds, a Country Western Club, located in Mid -Town Manhattan.


Today, Rick works out of Germantown/Memphis, Tennessee, and is owner of ProDigital Images


In 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Rick had his photographs published in two local newspapers.

The training continues... As technology evolves, so needs the photographer to keep abreast of new and exciting tools to add to our kits.

Rick is a member of the Memphis Camera Club. Rick's print "Hunting Hawk" won Print of the Month for April 2017, also winning Print of the Year "Animals" for 2017.

"I am proud of my achievements in the arts and will continue my journey forward"

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