On January 11th., the Memphis Camera Club held their annual Year End Awards ceremony.

One hundred and forty one photographs were entered into the year end competition.

Judging for the MCC were 3 notable, professional photographers who went through all of the photos and arrived at the various rankings. There were medals awarded for Honorable Mention, Third, Second and First Place in the various categories as, Nature/Landscape, People, Animals, Creative and Black & White.

They were also separated by Print and Digital in all the above categories.

I was taken by surprise when my photo of "Hunting Hawk" was the First Place winner in the "Print Animals" category.

You can read more about that in my blog post from April where I talk about photographing the magnificent raptor.

I also received a Ribbon for winning the April Print of the Month!

Well, that was 2017, it is time to shoot some amazing photos for this years competitions.

Thanks for reading...


Hunting Hawk

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