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Suck It Up!

Well, as usual time is fleeting!

Here we are coming to the end of April 2018.

It feels like we just welcomed in the New Year!

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to

NY and visit my Mother and Sister.

I took some time to travel around and look for

interesting photo ops such as the Croton Gorge


I also took the photo this photo called "Suck It Up"

in my sister's kitchen. I used a 10.5mm Nikkor fisheye

lens and natural light one sunny morning.

My stay lasted 12 days tried to plan my departure

between snow storms which were plaguing the

North-East this winter.

Unfortunately, I encountered a snow storm in South Virginia, about 65 miles north of Bristol TN.

There was an accident on the north bound lanes that involved 3 tractor trailers. I was stopped along

with everyone else as the snow kept coming down on us for over three hours. It was a very long night

of driving!

I arrived home and was informed that my Mother had transitioned about four to five hours after I had

left. I was thankful that I was able to see my Mother on her final day on earth.

On a lighter note, the above photo, "Suck It Up" tied for First Place in April's Photo Competition in the

"Open" category.



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