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Krazy Klown Kar

Krazy Klown Kar

"Krazy Klown Kar" won First Place in the Memphis Camera Club September "Creative Print" category.

Wow! September has been a very exciting time in digital photography.

Nikon (Z6/Z7), Canon (EOS R) and Fuji (XT3) have all announced new "Mirrorless" DSLR's.

Going mirrorless is a first for both Nikon and Canon who are trying to stop the bleed to SONY.

SONY first introduced mirrorless cameras over 5 years ago and have put a major hurt on Nikon and Canon.

Unfortunately, Nikon and Canon's initial entry into mirrorless imaging have fallen short.

We were expecting a lot more from the big two manufacturers. One major issue is the lack of a dual card slot.

Canon's EOS R does not have IBIS as well!

Both Nikon and Canon cameras have new, larger lens mounts which is an improvement for image quality but it does come at a high price. The new lenses cost anywhere from double to tripple the cost of existing lenses.

Is it worth the cost? I will let you decide that.

Speaking of costs, the cameras start at $2300-$2400 for the basic models, and around a thousand dollars more for the upgraded models.

Fuji Film's XT3 is the next iteration of their current XT2.

I am interested in seeing the results of these new cameras as they enter the field and are put through the rigors of every day abuse, I mean use.

On a sad note! My Nikon D2X has died.... Yes, after 12 years of service I received the dreaded "err" msg. flashing in the info panel. I tried every solution I could find on-line, including NIKON Support.

Nikon Support, after their recommendation failed to revive my D2X said that it was not supported any more!

My response was it is a hell of a way for a $5000.00 camera to end up!

Keep shooting pictures and video and stay creative!


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