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2020 - A Year of House Arrest!

Happy New Year !!!

2020 had all the excitement of a broken cup of coffee.

2021 has not been any better as far as house arrests

are still being imposed on the World.

Just when the "Experts" think they know what they are doing,

It turns out they do not.... and life as we know it is shuttered until further notice.

The ONLY way for me to maintain my sanity is to be creative.

October, 2019 I bought into the Nikon Mirrorless Z system.

I purchased a Z7 with a 24-70 f2.8 Nikkor S lens and the results

are excellent. I waited for 9 months for Nikon to release their

new 70-200 f2.8 S lens which I picked up in December and it is

another piece of pro glass. Last week I finally purchased the last lens of the holy trinity, the 14-24 f2.8 "S" lens and I am extremely satisfied with the quality, build and performance of all the Nikkor Pro S lenses.

December the Memphis Camera Club held it's Annual Year End Awards Competition. I submitted four images, two in Creative and two in the Open categories. Due to covid, we have not had any in person meetings since March of 2020 and have been doing on-line judging for our monthly competitions. For the Year End Competition, we usually have 3 local Pro Photographers do the judging in person, but this year it was not going to happen. The club contacted Jennifer King, a Pro Photographer.

Jennifer agreed to judge our submitted photographs and I received two awards in the Open category. Third Place was "RED ROD" and First Place was Stormy Sky.

We're hoping that eventually the club will be able to get back together for live competitons and get on with our lives.

There are only so many photographs one can take in their back yard!

Stay Safe...


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